Supportive Supervision for HepB Control Activities with Ministry of Health

The NOPLHB, on a continuous basis, is collaborating with Ministry of Health to conduct supportive supervision to health facilities in central, western regions and Kampala district about focusing on hepatitis control activities with control strategies such as - testing all persons above 20 years of age, vaccination for those who test negative and care and treatment for those who test positive.

This came after Ministry was able to support 61 hepatitis implementing districts with funds to conduct hepatitis testing and vaccination outreaches up to the parish level.

As a result of this supervision, health workers are being mentored hands-on.

We are focusing on tracking vaccines and test-kits expiry dates and ensuring that people are tested, vaccinated and link the positive clients to care.

NOPLHB is emphasizing integrating HepB testing into ANC visits by mothers, and increasing outreach activities to deliberately have people tested for HepB and vaccinated.

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