Health Promotion

NOPLHB collaborates with Ministry of Health to strengthen health systems with focus on Leadership for health, Capacity Building of health workers, and public health awareness.

We partner with other development actors to strengthen supply chain to ensure quality of service is attained.

The program also focuses on health policies and reviews to ensure their provisions respond to Human health needs.

Our core focus areas in health are Hepatitis B, HIV & AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

Economic Empowerment

We train vulnerable people in financial literacy and income generating project planning and management for sustainability.

The program employs a VSLA (Village Saving and Loaning Association) approach, which promotes finance independence at individual level.

Additionally, this program ensures vulnerable people including Hepatitis B patients, adolescents, women, disabled persons, and HIV&AIDS patients participate in development decisions during government planning and budgeting at community level that directly affect their lives – this is part of their Human right.

Human Rights

NOPLHB promotes Gender and Human Rights, guided by the articles of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights – ICESCR.

We engage with leaders, policy makers, and the citizens through advocacy for quality and inclusive access to economic, social and health services.

Our Human Rights Program places us at the center of ensuring that all citizens of Uganda particularly People Living with Hepatitis B, HIV & AIDS equally participate in development, social and health programs provided by the government of Uganda.

Through this program, NOPLHB builds capacities of CSOs leaders, fresh Politicians, opinion and other recognized cultural leaders on effective rule of law and good governance, transparency, effective and accountable institutions, democracy and respect for human rights, including a consideration to learn about the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – The United Nations and, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.