Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is A free Hepatitis B society.

Our mission is To become the largest organization fighting hepatitis B infection in Uganda and the region.

NOPLHB is established on these core values which are highly upheld by the members:

  1. Integrity. We are interested in working so hard within NOPLHB’s mission, being honest, accountable and transparent in everything we do and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.
  2. Commitment. Our focus is to work together effectively to serve individuals living with viral hepatitis and the larger community in the areas of operation.
  3. Respect for all. We affirm the potential, dignity and contribution of community participants, development partners, donors and staff as we work for the better of our people living with hepatitis B
  4. Non partisan, we do not subscribe to any political party since our services are non-selective

For over a decade

We have been saving more than 10,000 lives

We provide emotional support and compassionate care to persons and families affected by Hepatitis B at a time of stigma and discrimination. We make the affected people feel accepted as human beings with dignity and have their hope restored to be able to live with the challenges of the disease. Our binding force is to reduce people’s little or no knowledge about Hepatitis B which causes a lot of stigma and discrimination amongst patients. We are very committed to this course and offer own resources and time to reach out to infected persons in their homes and at the hospital. We mobilize the patients across the country in order to strengthen the patient voice.

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We need your help

Let’s Stop Hepatitis B and fullfill peoples happiness

NOPLHB’s core programs include; Hepatitis B counseling, Medical care, Social support, Training and Capacity Building, Community mobilization, partnerships and Hepatitis education, Advocacy and networking. Research is done through partnerships

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