NOPLHB was founded in 2011 by Kenneth Kabagambe and a group of 12 volunteers who were determined to do something to fight against Hepatitis B. At that time, little was known about the disease but was causing unprecedented stigma and discrimination to the individuals and families associated with it. 

The coming together of this group was premised on a need to provide emotional support and compassionate care to persons and families affected by Hepatitis B at a time of stigma and discrimination. The purpose was to make the affected people feel accepted as human beings with dignity and have their hope restored to be able to live with the challenges of the disease. The binding force that distinguished this group was that people had little or no knowledge about Hepatitis B which caused a lot of stigma and discrimination amongst patients.. This group was very committed to this course and offered their own resources and time to reach out to infected persons in their homes and at the hospital. They started mobilizing the patients across the country in order to strengthen the patient voice.

At the start of this initiative, the group was completely informal without any structures due to lack of funding. The members would hold informal meetings in their homes to provide mutual psychological and social support. The consistent message the group had and demonstrated to families they got in contact with was that Hepatitis B infection was not transmitted by casual contact and that the sick needed better care, support and treatment to live with hope, reduced pain and to die with dignity.

In 2012, the group agreed to register the organization with NGO Board under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They also agreed on some minimum structural arrangements to make their work more formal, including getting an office space and office bearers. Ministry of Health and World Health Organization recommended our work and registration to NGO Board. The recommendations from these institutions laid a very firm foundation on which the volunteer initiative is growing into a household name in Hepatitis response in Uganda and Africa.

NOPLHB was registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with the Government NGO Board in 2012. This was preceded by the drafting and enactment of the NOPLHB constitution by the first Board of Directors chaired by Prof. Ponsiano Ocama appointed the same year.
The organization works closely with the staff and Hepatitis B patients in outreaches providing education and psychosocial support to patients and their families. NOPLHB currently operates on outreach basis to the following districts Kasese, Soroti, Arua,  Adjumani,  Lyatonde, Ngora,Wakiso and intends to reach out to most parts of the country.

These outreaches are conducted with equipped quality services to the clientele and form part of the national health infrastructure. NOPLHB has head office in Kampala.

Meet The Team

Kenneth Kabagambe
Executive Director