Internship Program

NOPLHB has a growing experience as one of those at the forefront of building capacity in the field of Hepatitis.  In order to create more avenues for information and experience sharing, NOPLHB has an internship program for those who might be interested in gaining more insight into the field of Hepatitis.

NOPLHB recognizes the importance of Internship in Education system in Uganda. It welcomes students who would wish to do their internship programme with NOPLHB in accordance with Internship policy. Interns will undertake assignments in NOPLHB to enrich and enhance their education and work experience. Interns will normally not be remunerated for the time they spend with NOPLHB.  At the end of Internship period, each student is expected to compile and present a report. Internship opportunities are available in ICT department, Finance Department as well as Counselling department.

Application for Internship Vacancy

The following are requirements for any opportunity of Internship Training:

  1. Application letter (Not handwritten)
  2. Recommendation from the Institution
  3. Evidence of good performance in class preferably Second class upper  and First class
  4. Payment evidence of 150,000

For interested candidates send your Resume to [email protected] and copy [email protected]

Successful candidates will be shortlisted on the website.

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NOPLHB’s core programs include; Hepatitis B counseling, Medical care, Social support, Training and Capacity Building, Community mobilization, partnerships and Hepatitis education, Advocacy and networking. Research is done through partnerships

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