Development Partners

NOPLHB Donors and Development Partners:

NOPLHB wishes to acknowledge and appreciate the work done by all its Development partners that have made its achievements possible over the last 3 years. These partners include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of health (MOH) and the Parliament of Uganda
  • World Hepatitis Alliance
  • The International Alliance of Patients Organizations
  • Gilead Sciences Inc.
  • Hepatitis Foundation International
  • Hepatitis B Foundation
  • World Health Organization
  • African Liver Patients Associations

There is a host of other local partner Organizations that NOPLHB works with like the Uganda Alliance of Patients Organizations, AIDS INFORMATION CENTRE, Uganda Virus Research Institute, Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Kasese Hospital, among others.

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Let’s Stop Hepatitis B and fullfill peoples happiness

NOPLHB’s core programs include; Hepatitis B counseling, Medical care, Social support, Training and Capacity Building, Community mobilization, partnerships and Hepatitis education, Advocacy and networking. Research is done through partnerships

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